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You can make your tour in order to meet the beauties of Paxos and Sivota and to make your accommodation choices for your most pleasant stay.

About Paxos Island

Paxos…the beautiful, shiny precious stone of the Ionian Archipelagos and of the Seven Islands. The picturesque ness and the magic landscapes of this island cannot be caged within the words of a paragraph. …

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About Sivota

Sivota of Thesprotia County is a picturesque village in the coast of the Ionian Sea. The village is only half an hour away from the Capital of Thesprotia County Igoumenitsa and only 45 minutes from Parga…

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I) Gaios old Port , Paxos island - Greece, Zip:49082.

II) Sivota center - Roundabout, Greece, Zip:46100.

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